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"I was very pleased with the speed and efficiency of the service provided".

- Penny


"I wanted to write you in regards to a great customer experience I had recently with your service shop. Unfortunately, I had to get repairs for an accident I had to my brand new car. The front end was totaled and I didn't expect to get it back for weeks. I expected what was typical of most repairs I have had in the past consisting of deadlines that weren't met and rude service people. To my shock I received a phone call days ahead of schedule saying my car was ready!


My wife and two small boys drove with me to pick up the car. After arriving at the shop, my car had been repaired seamlessly and with a spotless clean. The owner Den was extremely polite and offered to give us a tour of the shop. The kids loved it! I couldn't believe the hospitality and customer service!!


I highly recommend this shop for your auto needs. When we drive past Den's now the kids say, "that’s where we take our cars". I couldn't agree more!"

- Justin D. Leader


"Den's Service Center took the time to take care of me with just a simple issue- having service done elsewhere for tire replacement and having it royally 'bungled'. I had 2 tires on for less than 24 hours, and they went flat. They fit me in, checked the issue, diagnosed it, and fixed it. GREAT SERVICE, GREAT CREW. Thank you!”

- Zack B. York


"I just wanted to send you a fast note.  THANKS to your staff for the great work they do. I was SHOCKED when I picked up the Maxima.  When I called about the tire pressure, I did NOT expect the tires to be deflated / filled to the proper pressure.  Your guys do a great job, and I can tell you that great customer service is lacking in today's business environment, but not at DEN'S....”

- Gary


“After leaving on Tuesday, we travelled incident free all the way home to London, Ontario. We travelled approximately 8 hours on Tuesday and again on Wednesday, and the motorhome drove beautifully. Not a hitch and no yellow "engine" light on the dashboard... thank goodness! Completing the paperwork at the border to import the vehicle into Canada was easy and quick. With both Mike and I having really bad colds, as lovely as our time in Pennsylvania was, we were very glad to arrive home.


We cannot give enough praise for the dedication and effort of your team, from the friendly welcome of your receptionist, Crystal to your excellent service technicians, Charles and Scott. With apologies, we can't recall the name of the service technician who worked on the motorhome on Tuesday. We consider ourselves very fortunate that the service manager from Beasley Ford, Joseph Fischer gave a high recommendation and referral to use your services, rather than going to an authorized Winnebago dealer in Harrisburg. How right he was!”

- Mike and Vikki Searle

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Den's Service Center's Testimonials


Thank you very much for the no BS, quick and courteous service!   Greatly Appreciated!



Thank you so much for getting me out of that field on Wednesday!  So much for road side service!  You were there when no one else would help.   Thanks again.




On a recent trip to Strasburg, my right front tire was punctured by an object on Rt. 30.  My tire lost air going comletely flat.  Since I was close to the Wrightsville exchanged, I was able to pull off to the side of the road on Rd. 624.  Then I called AAA Emergency Roadside Service for assistance.  AAA handled my call with patience and efficiency.

A call went out and a gentleman by the name of Den responded.  He came in very good time and was able to  aid me in my dilemma.  Den is a credit to your Service Center and to AAA Emergency Roadside Service.  He was courteous, efficient and within a short time helped me get back on the road toward my desitination of the Sight & Sound Theatre.

To all who helped me my heartfelt thanks..